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OCT Scanning

OCT, or Ocular Coherence Tomography, is an eye scanning device that uses cutting-edge technology to get an extremely detailed and comprehensive look at the back of the eye, flagging any health issues that would not be visible using traditional eye health scanning equipment. OCT eye tests can be carried out quickly and totally painlessly, allowing your optician to inspect any potential changes in the retinal layers of your eyes. By using this, technology, opticians can detect the early stages of conditions such as Glaucoma-Vitreous Detachments, Diabetes, Macular Holes, and Macular Degradation, and work out treatment plans to stop these conditions from worsening. OCS scanning is particularly helpful for clients with a history of eye disease in the family or clients who have noticed a rapid deterioration in eyesight over a short period of time.

OCT Scanning

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How Does an OCT Scan Work?

An OCT Scan works similarly to a traditional eye test, but takes a more detailed and accurate look at the back of your eye, allowing your optician to detect any potential defects in eye health. During your OCT eye test, an OCT machine uses light to take detailed images of the back of your eye, which is fed back to the optician’s computer for analysis. Your optician can study this image for abnormalities, offering advice and recommendations if any abnormalities are found. The OCT Scan is a completely pain-free, non-invasive, and quick scan that gives accurate results to ensure the maintenance of your eye health.

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